WREACH is a fellowship and co-op group that helps network other like-minded homeschoolers and provides opportunities to enrich our homeschool experiences.  The members are currently in the Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo and Aguadilla areas.  We would enjoy being increasingly billingual as the membership grows, but currently are holding meetings and events in English.  The founder is a 13-yr-veteran homeschool mom and has a large family which includes elementary to college-age children.  We sincerely hope to share fellowship, support and encouragement. 

If you wish to receive further information about joining us, please contact us via email: wreachpr@gmail.com.  If you wish to speak via phone, please provide a number in your email and a convenient time to call.  We enjoy homeschooling and encouraging others!


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    • Hi Sheila! We just had a planning meeting for our group today. We’d love you to join us for our next time on Oct. 6th. I can be reached via email as well: wreachpr@gmail.com for specific questions. Email me and I can also forward my phone number. Thanks! Cindy

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