Our Vision

Western Region Evangelical Association of Christian Homeschoolers (WREACH) is a Fellowship and Co-operative group with a vision to support and encourage homeschoolers in the western region of Puerto Rico.  Our primary goal is to provide encouragement, friendship and opportunities to share gifts and talents amongst its members.  WREACH encourages members to offer ideas and service in order to enrich the lives of homeschooled children and their families.  Homeschooling is understood to be a relationship between parents and their children in which the primary goal is to develop the child’s character first while providing academic growth to enable productive adult lives.

We are currently planning to share in field trips, and social times as well as several co-op classes.  Our beginning classes will include Spanish as a second language.  We envision the addition of co-ops in Drama, Musical performance/voice, Phys. Ed., Art/Photography, Cooking, Life Skills, Sewing and Safety.  We are interested in conducting interviews and/or on- site time with professionals/craftspeople in various fields of interest.  Members are encouraged to offer co-op instruction or other service and support.  Some members may have special expertise, but all who are willing to give a subject a try will be encouraged.  As homeschoolers, we understand that many subjects are taught while parents learn alongside the student(s).

Ephesians 4:16; I Peter 4:10